This video recipe shows how to cook a Ribeye Steak. These cooking instructions will help you to make a Pan Seared Ribeye Steak. Using this easy recipe of the steak, you will cook a delicious meat dish for dinner in 6-7 min. The main ingredient of this recipe is Beef (here it is the Ribeye ½ lb.) and salt. You can change all other ingredients on your choice.


How to cook Medium Rare Ribeye Steak without Oil

Medium Rare Ribeye Steak

Watch 1 min Video

How to cook

  1. Dry the Ribeye Steak with paper towels
  2. Make shallow cuts
  3. Season with Salt from one side
  4. Heat a Pan on high flame – 10-15 min
  5. Spray water drops to check if the pan heated well
  6. Water drops should roll freely over the surface of the pan
  7. Place the Ribeye Steak in a pan
  8. Sear by 2 min from each side
  9. Fry Spinach and Tomatoes (about 2 min)
  10. Garnish the Steak on a wooden board as shown
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  • 1 piece of the BEEF -1/2lb. (Ribeye)
  • Salt (on your taste)
  • For Garnish
  • 5-6 Cherry Tomatoes
  • Spinach – A Bunch of fresh leaves
  • Basil and Tomatoes Sauce (the recipe is here: Video)
Cooking Time = 6-7 min
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