This video recipe shows how to cook a CHUCK ROLL STEAK (well done). These cooking instructions will help you to make a Pan Seared CHUCK ROLL STEAK. Using this easy recipe of the steak, you will cook a delicious meat dish for dinner in 10-12 min. The main ingredient of this recipe is Beef (here it is the CHUCK ROLL STEAK ½ lb.) and salt. You can change all other ingredients on your choice.


How to cook Well Done Chuck Roll Steak

Chuck Roll Steak Recipe

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How to cook

  1. Dry the Chuck Roll Steak with paper towels
  2. Spread with Olive Oil and Season with Salt and Pepper from both sides
  3. Heat a Pan on high flame (about 5 min) and add Olive Oil
  4. Place the Chuck Roll Steak in a pan
  5. Sear 2 min from one side
  6. Turn the Steak and rub garlic halve
  7. Spread with Butter and season with Thyme
  8. Sear 4 min from both sides
  9. Take the Steak off the Pan and leave in a plate for 2-3 min
  10. Fry Cherry Tomatoes and Chili Pepper in the Pan
  11. Place the Steak on the Flatbread Sheet with Fresh Salad Leaves
  12. Mix the meat sauce with Olive oil and sprinkle over the Steak
  13. Garnish the Chuck Roll Steak as shown
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  • Chuck Roll Steak ½ lbs.
  • ½ TSP of Salt
  • ½ TSP of Pepper
  • A small pinch of Thyme
  • Cherry Tomatoes 5-6 (for garnish)
  • Fresh Chili Pepper ½
  • 1 Tbsp. of Butter
  • 2 Tbsp. of Olive Oil
  • A Bunch of fresh salad leaves (for garnish)
  • A Sheet of Flatbread
Cooking Time = 10-12 min
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