It is an easy way for cooking perfect poached egg! We recommend using this recipe if you are beginner in cooking.  Anyone, even beginner can handle this recipe for cooking POACHED EGGS in 4-5 minutes for Eggs Benedict or any other breakfast course. All you need is a small silicon cup, oil drop and one egg.


How to make a POACHED EGG Easy with a Silicon Cup

POACHED EGGS Easy in a Silicon Cup

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How to cook

  1. Oil the silicon cup
  2. Drop the egg in the silicon cup
  3. Heat water in a pot (simmer)
  4. Place the cup in a pot 
  5. Cover the pot
  6. Boil 4-5 min until eggs yolk whites
  7. Toast the bread and put in a plate
  8. Put butter on a toasted bread
  9. Place the poached egg on top
  10. Cut the yolk lightly
  11. Season with SALT & PEPPER (on your taste)
  12. Season with HERBS
  13. Enjoy your tasty POACHED EGG!
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  1. 1 Fresh Egg
  2. 1 drop of Olive Oil
  3. 1 Slice of toasted bread
  4. 1 TBSP of butter
  5. Salt and Pepper (on your taste)
  6. Small bunch of herbs (on your choice)
Cooking Time = 15-20 min
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