It is an easy recipe for cooking perfect boiled eggs! We highly recommend using this tip if you like to cook like a pro.  Any aspiring chef can handle this recipe for cooking EGGS in 4-15 minutes for salads or other meals.


How to make BOILED EGGS like PRO


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How to cook

  1. Bring the EGGS to boil on the medium-high flame
  2. Once it is out a ROLLING BOIL, take the pan off the heat
  3. Cover and SET TIMER between 4 and 15 min
  4. 4-6 min soft-boiled
  5. 8-10 medium-boiled
  6. 12-15 hard-boiled
  7. It depends on how you prefer the yolks cooked
  8. Take the EGGS out and put into an ice bath
  9. Now you can use these eggs for salads or other recipes
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Cooking Time = 4-15 min
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