It is an easy tip for cooking perfect poached egg! We recommend using this recipe if you are beginner in cooking.  Any aspired chef, even beginner can handle this recipe for cooking POACHED EGG in 4-5 minutes for Eggs Benedict or any other course. All you need is a silicon cooking spoon, oil drop and one egg.


How to make Poached Eggs Easy in a Cooking Spoon


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How to cook

  1. Crack an egg in a bowl
  2. Oil the silicon spoon
  3. Drop the egg in a Cooking Spoon
  4. Bring the Spoon with Egg to boil 
  5. Brown the bread and put in a plate
  6. Put butter on a toasted bread
  7. Boil the egg 4-5 min until eggs yolk is white
  8. Place the poached egg on a toasted bread
  9. Season with Salt & Pepper (on your taste)
  10. Garnish with dill
  11. Cut the yolk lightly
  12. Enjoy your excellent POACHED EGG!
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  • 1 Fresh Egg
  • 1 drop of Olive Oil
  • 1 Slice of toasted bread
  • 1 TBSP of butter
  • Salt and Pepper (on your taste)
  • Small bunch of dill
Cooking Time = 4-5 min
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