This recipe shows how to store greens in the fridge. You will know how to keep greens fresh longer and how to keep greens fresh. Easy way to keep salad greens fresh in the refrigerator! Nice cooking idea for storing greens longer. Try to use this easy cooking tip from this recipe!


How to Store GREENS in the Fridge

How to Store GREENS in the Fridge

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How to cook

  1. Cut a piece of aluminum foil (about 20in)
  2. Cover with paper towels
  3. Place the fresh greens
  4. Sprinkle with water drops
  5. Roll up in a tube
  6. Store this roll in the Vegetable section of your fridge
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  • Paper Towels
  • Food grade aluminum foil
  • Water
  • Fresh leafy greens
Cooking Time = 1-2 min
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